Areas of Practice

Trust and Probate Administration

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time. Kent, Nancy and staff, work with our clients to make this difficult process as stress-free as possible. A large part of our practice is to represent the Personal Representative through the court probate process after a death. We will work closely with the Personal Representative to advise him or her regarding the administration of the estate.

If the Decedent owned assets titled in the name of a trust, a trust administration will be necessary to administer such assets. We also advise the Trustee regarding his or her duties as Trustee of the trust during the trust administration.

In larger estates, where a State or Federal Estate Tax Return is due, Skrivan & Gibbs, PLLC is able to prepare and file the necessary estate tax returns.

Business Law

The attorneys at Skrivan & Gibbs, PLLC serve as trusted advisors to owners and managers of all sizes, from entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses, to larger companies with offices in Southwest Florida.

We routinely advise as to the best choice of business entity to utilize for a new business and will assist you in organizing and establishing your new business.  The choice of business entity and the structure of its organizational and governing documents are important business decisions that should not be left to chance.  Each business is unique with individual needs which must be properly addressed to facilitate the present and future operations of the business.

Real Estate Law

Buying, selling, and leasing property involves an extraordinary level of legal detail. A real estate attorney can assure your real estate transaction meets all legal requirements and protects your rights and interests.

At Skrivan & Gibbs, PLLC, we can assist you with many aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions including the purchase and sale of commercial and residential real estate, contract review, preparation and negotiation, lease agreements, mortgage financing documents, and the most appropriate way to take and hold title to your real property.

Whatever your real estate questions, you can trust them to a law firm that is thoroughly knowledgeable about Florida real estate law and will provide accurate and direct answers.

Tax and Estate Planning

Estate planning includes planning for incapacity and death. There are important legal and emotional decisions to be made. Skrivan & Gibbs, PLLC strives to assist each client to meet his or her individual goals in a thoughtful, efficient manner.

It is also critical for a client to understand the possible estate tax that may be due upon death. Skrivan & Gibbs, PLLC works to carefully help each client consider alternatives to lawfully reduce the estate taxes that may be due upon death, which can include gifting to family, or to charity.

Our firm also works to assist clients with annual gifting to reduce potential estate taxes. There are a variety of alternatives that may be utilized, and our firm will work with the client to consider planning that will be suitable to each client’s unique situation.

As part of a basic estate plan, every person will ideally have a Will, Durable Power of Attorney (for financial matters), a Health Care Power of Attorney (for medical decisions) and a Living Will declaration (for end of life direction). Many clients will also utilize a Revocable Trust, to avoid the court probate process upon death.

At an initial meeting, our attorneys review the assets, desires and personal situation of client, to assist the client in developing an appropriate estate plan.